Contemporary dining destination AIRSIDE Cafe is a focal point within AIRSIDE atrium, welcoming guests to a spacious 2,900 sq. ft venue bathed in sunlight streaming through the mall’s glass roof. It t… [ Read More ]

AIRSIDE Pâtisserie

AIRSIDE Pâtisserie is a charming boutique cakeshop dedicated to the art of handcrafted confectionery. The elegant curves of the counter are set against a light backdrop of wood and stone with golden … [ Read More ]

ANJU Modern Korean

Named after the Korean term "안주", meaning casual dining with alcohol, ANJU Modern Korean delivers both authentic taste and contemporary flair by marrying traditional dishes and home-sourced ingredien… [ Read More ]

Bamboo Thai

Bamboo Thai, a place to be for a Thai gateway experience. With the wood and bamboo elements, the decor gives you a relaxing feel far away from home. Our signature dish, Volcano Pork Ribs, comes with … [ Read More ]

Bistro Hoi An

Vietnam has long been renowned for its diverse cuisine, which is fresh, fragrant, and full of flavour. Bistro Hoi An combines authentic Vietnamese cuisine with innovation. Hoi An translated means a p… [ Read More ]


CAFE DECO PIZZERIA is a contemporary Western restaurant with an Asian twist. With its simplistic interior, it gives you a homey Italian vibe. The signature pizzas are freshly made to order in a world… [ Read More ]


CAFE SYDNEY captures the essence of Sydney from its amazing location on the rooftop of Customs House with spectacular harbour views, delicious food, an outdoor terrace, a cocktail lounge and a relaxe… [ Read More ]


Chatime is one of the largest and farthest-reaching tea chain brand, offering innovative tea beverages with over 1000 locations worldwide. The Chinese brand name of Chatime is 日出茶太 and directly trans… [ Read More ]

Dim Sum Bar

Dim Sum Bar, a traditional yet creative dim sum restaurant, provides a range of Chinese delicacies from dim sum, stir fry to fine selection of teas. With its Chinese style decor and fashionable eleme… [ Read More ]

Duan Chun Zhen

Even though Duan Chun Zhen came afar to this foreign land, her insistence on the traditional way of cooking never changed even as the land becomes her home. The classic signature braised beef soup in… [ Read More ]

Kyoto Katsugyu

Originated from Kyoto, Japan, "Kyoto Katsugyu" was founded in 2014 with the intent to bring delicious beef cutlet to customers all over the world. Just like "Sushi", "Tempura", and "Ramen", it is bel… [ Read More ]

nana's green tea

nana’s green tea, a popular Japanese matcha concept café, debuted in 2006 in Tokyo. Designed to bring a smile to the face with its signature green tea and matcha-infused beverages and desserts along… [ Read More ]


OZAKAYA redefines the very best of Osaka’s food culture, embracing tradition, fun and food innovation. Our open kitchens and contemporary interior design make it the perfect location for an executi… [ Read More ] is named after the Vietnamese “pho”, “dle” from the word “noodle”, and "bar" from its refreshing specialty drink bar. Combining the three inspirational ideas, provides a brand… [ Read More ]

Smokehouse Bar & Grill

Introducing age old techniques of slow smoking, skillful basting and barbecuing with recipes from migrating cultures that stay true to their heritage. Migrants in the early 19th century introduced… [ Read More ]


Stormies, a stylish bar, that offers a variety of fascinating American dishes, including seafood, steaks and other delicacies. With a stunning outdoor alfresco area, you can enjoy a wide range of coc… [ Read More ]

Takeroku Ramen

For over 30 years, Takeroku Ramen has been dedicated to the art of ramen-making, delighting customers with over 500 varieties of ramen. Building upon their past successes, Takeroku Ramen is committed… [ Read More ]


Indulge in the magical treats by TOKYO DOLCI. Featuring a series of desserts freshly made in Hong Kong, from homemade gelato and soft serve, to handcrafted desserts and gelato milkshake. We proudly b… [ Read More ]


tonic is located on the highest floor of Langham Place in Mong Kok, designed with stylish silver and blue as the main theme. Under the open sky, guests can hang out with friends outdoor, while tastin… [ Read More ]

Uogashi Nihonichi

Dating back to 1989 in Japan, Uogashi Nihonichi offers an unparalleled standing sushi dining experience with a focus on affordable yet high-quality Edomae sushi. The fresh fish specialist – ‘uogashi’… [ Read More ]


Watermark is located on the upper floor of the Star Pier 7 in Central, Hong Kong. This spacious venue, decorated by the floor to ceiling glass wall, is around 3,300 square feet which can accommodate … [ Read More ]