1. How can I join CDG Privilege?

Joining CDG Privilege is easy and is FREE. You can simply download Cafe Deco Group Privilege App, and then follow the simple steps to register.

2. If I am a VIP from the previous Cafe Deco Group VIP Program, do I need to register the CDG Privilege again?

Yes. The former Cafe Deco Group VIP Program is no longer valid. In order to keep your profile up to date, former members are advised to register for a new membership. To re-register, you just need to download the “CDG Privilege” App and fill in the basic personal information to create your membership account. You will receive a verification request email with a link to activate your account.  Once you have done this, you will have re-registered.

3. How do I earn CDG$?

For every individual bill settled at Cafe Deco Group’s participating outlets, you will be rewarded CDG$1 for every eligible HK$1 spent.

• HK$1=CDG$1

CDG$ earning would be rounded to the nearest dollar, e.g. the bill is HK$363.4, CDG$ earned would be 363

4. Where can I find my current CDG$ balance?

By logging into your membership account on Cafe Deco Group Privilege App, your CDG$ balance will be displayed under your membership profile “Accumulated CDG$” on Home page.

5. Will my CDG$ expire?

Yes, any CDG$ earned in a month will be on a 12-month rolling basis.

CDG$ Earned On Valid Until
January 25, 2022 January 31, 2023
June 1, 2022 June 30, 2023
November 30, 2022 November 30, 2023
6. How do I redeem my CDG$?

Your CDG$ are as good as cash. Once you have earned CDG$2,000, you can convert the CDG$ to e-vouchers on Cafe Deco Group Privilege App. You must inform the outlet staff that you will be using your e-voucher when you place your order and present your e-membership card on the app.

It is a member’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has adequate CDG$ for redemption and therefore, it is advisable to check for the most updated balance via Cafe Deco Group Privilege App.

In case of disputes, a member must settle the bill first and contact our VIP hotline (+852 2290 6634) or by email (vip@cafedecogroup.com) for assistance and follow-up actions.

7. If both my husband and I have joined the CDG Privilege, can we combine our CDG$ for redemption?

No. All CDG$ are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

8. What if I have forgotten my Member Login Password?

Go to the Cafe Deco Group Privilege App and click “Forgot Password?” Then, type in your registered member login email. Our system will automatically send you an email containing a URL; follow the instructions there to reset your password.

If you have forgotten your registered email address, please contact us via the VIP hotline (+852 2290 6634) or email (vip@cafedecogroup.com).

9. How can I upgrade my member account to a higher tier?

Red Card Member will be automatically upgraded to Gold Card Member by accumulated spending of HK$15,000 and upgraded to Platinum Card Member by reaching an additional accumulated spending of HK$30,000 within one membership year.

10. How long is my CDG Privilege membership valid for?

Your membership lasts for 12 months after successful registration, renewed, upgraded or downgraded from your current tier. Upon renewal, upgrade or downgrade, a new membership year begins and the accumulated spending record of any membership type will be reset to zero. For Red Card Member, there is no expiration date on your membership.

However, Cafe Deco Group reserves the right to terminate a membership at any time. For example, when a member committed fraud or the membership account has been inactive for over 12 months.

11. Will my CDG Privilege tier be ‘downgraded’?

As long as the specified amount is accumulated within the membership year – you will continue to maintain your tier status for the next 12-month period.

For example, for Gold Card Member, if your accumulated spending has not reached HK$10,000 within the same membership year, your Gold Card membership would be adjusted to Red Card membership.

12. How can I redeem rewards?

All redemption has to be done via Cafe Deco Group Privilege App. CDG$ will be automatically deducted after successful conversion. You can find all the vouchers in “MY VOUCHERS” by clicking VOUCHER icon and redeem the offer by showing the QR code to staff for scanning to enjoy the offer.

13. How can I redeem my birthday privileges?

You can enjoy your birthday privileges (depending on your membership tier) during the birthday month.

The birthday privilege will be stored as the vouchers in “MY VOUCHERS” in your membership app on the first day of the birthday month. You can enjoy the birthday privileges upon any spending at our participating outlets.

Those vouchers are valid only in the birthday month every year and it will be forfeited if not been used.

14. How can I delete my CDG Privilege account?

You can submit the account delete request by sending an email to vip@cafedecogroup.com or calling us at (852)5320 0060 for assistance. Please note that the account deletion process id irreversible.